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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Poor Vincent

I was searching for a Van Gogh painting and found the following: http://www.overstockart.com/sebratas.html
(click for larger less distorted example on that page)
Here's the original: http://www.vangoghgallery.com/catalog/Painting/482/Seine-Bridge-at-Asnieres,-The.html
Why are people doing this. You know if I copyed the design of a Ferrari they'd hunt me down and kill me. And actually I heard that nearly happened to someone. I know Vincent isn't around any more to do this but I bet there's a few artists on there that are. I can't believe companies like this exist!


Rena said...

Agree. It's because he's dead and can't fight back. I think it is dishonest - if you have a print, that's fair enough because no-one is under any illusions about what it is. But this is almost pretending to be the original (because it's on canvas).

ro6er said...

I know and it's not even a good copy. The poor guy probably gave the original away any way.

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